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nudists and topless. Photo of the life of Kazantip
Kazantip Republic – the only country that does not exist on any world map.
This is the place where nudity is not only not prohibited, but also promoted a good atmosphere and lots of positive emotions.
In the world classification of the Republic of Kazantip not apply to countries 1 or 2, or 3 of the world – it is a parallel, because Kazantip lies in a parallel reality, moving through time and space wherever it pleases the President, and where better to its people.
Kazantip Republic is a constitutional republic with a presidential administration.
At the head of state Kazantip is a democratic dictator President Nikita I, totalitarian power which is imposed on all of the dictatorship of the total Happiness, and the continuity of democratic government provides an annual re-election himself, to which a great nation traditionally has nothing against.
Want to plunge into the world of nudism Kazantip? Welcome to us! Stripping and relax!
The main achievement of democracy is an internal Kazantip personal freedom and independence of its citizens, even from themselves, as well as the independence of the Republic of gray and monotonous world.
Kazantip Republic – a country with the world’s highest density of happy people per square meter, and with the lowest content of assholes% per capita. The indigenous population of the Republic of Kazantip – is a funny and zagorelye bezdelniki that all orange and Kazantip. In addition, Great Kazantip people annually replenished huge multinational army of emigrants in search of Happiness, which in turn is political asylum.

Mobility and geographical position of the Republic of Kazantip always be such that it lies in the band an ideal climate, with the characteristic of this band is a phenomenon of global warming and summer, year-round, extremely favorable for life nude no panties.
Vegetation in the band Kazantip unusually evergreen and consists mainly of such plants as Kazantip palm, from which the peasants are made of palm brooms. But in general, Kazantip tree is a relict plant and because of its rarity is protected by the Department of Economy of the Republic of Kazantip Beach.

Kazantip Republic pays great attention to environmental and animal welfare. The fight for clean environment is implemented government program Kazantip and Article 2 of the Criminal CODESA (Light) <No need to write into the sea!>, According to which offenders without trial, deported from the country.
<Day of Wild Nature Protection> – is a national holiday Kazantip mandatory for celebration in a constitutional manner and is celebrated as a joyful, inclusive territory cleaning zazantipa.
Republic of Kazantip also differs the most humane treatment of animals, remaining the only country in the world where animals can get kazantipskuyu vizu and republican citizenship.

We offer excellent free photo galleries nude photos of nude beaches Kazantip. We look, we rejoice for the people rested there, we understand that nudity – it’s fine, and … attached to nudism and tear the claws at Kazantip!

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